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Career Architecture and Agile Talent Management

Career Architecture

Even with generous rewards budgets and advanced tools, having the right team in place is crucial to achieving organizational, professional and personal goals. CompTeam can help your people leaders identify the unique talents required for success at your organization.

A carefully constructed career architecture is the strong foundation that supports your organization’s growth and holds up in the face of unexpected challenges. Career architecture provides a common language across your organization about job roles and responsibilities and career paths. It helps you build your pay programs that support growth and withstands unexpected turbulence.

Sound career architecture makes it easy to:

  • Determine the value of jobs
  • Assign levels and titles
  • Promote trust and confidence in your people practices
  • Provide logical, transparent, and budgeted workforce planning and career paths that support your business’s – and your workforce’s – needs

CompTeam takes a phased approach to career architecture.

First, we work with you to determine what components should be reviewed:

  • Job Levels
  • Job Roles and Responsibilities
  • Job Documentation
  • Job Titles
  • Job Grades
  • Career Paths

Next, with a solid career infrastructure in place, you can:

  • Load data with integrity into your information systems
  • Review base salaries and pay ranges
  • Evaluate total rewards
  • Examine compensation philosophy and structure
  • Address key talent and financial challenges methodically with rational, fair transparency
  • Make sound, data-driven decisions to move the business forward
  • Develop learning and development and succession plan

The benefits of doing it right
Systematically creating a thoughtful and sound career architecture offers many tangible benefits and demonstrates your company’s commitment to investing in your talent and providing opportunities for growth and advancement.

Just a few benefits include:

  • Identifies future talent needs
  • Motivates behaviors that align with the business strategy
  • Promotes trust and confidence in the organization
  • Improves workforce planning
  • Fair and competitive compensation

Is career architecture right for your organization?
If one or more of these situations apply at your organization, it may be time to re-examine your career architecture:

  • Your existing career architecture is outdated or misaligned
  • Workforce management is reactive rather than proactive
  • Talent Management/HR technology is being implemented or updated
  • Substantial changes are being made to your organizational structure to support business needs
  • Compensation programs are being redesigned
  • Growth, consolidation, M&A activity

Let us help with your career architecture

  • Job Evaluation
  • Job Structure (Levels)
  • Define Job Descriptions and Competencies
  • Define Career Paths
  • Competency Coaching to navigate people through their career paths
  • Integrated Talent Management (TMA Method)

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