Meet the forward-thinking people professionals that make up CompTeam. We are passionate about helping you improve your workforce experience.

“My biggest reward is being able to share my extensive compensation experience to help rapidly growing firms see real, measurable results.”

“I want to put the fun back in compensation. I advocate for using technology, like compensation management software, to reap the rewards of leaving spreadsheets behind.”

“I am on a mission to put the heart in HR and revolutionize talent management by helping organizations truly invest in their people and sow the benefits of an engaged workforce.”

“I am a high-frequency cheerleader who is driven to empower individuals and organizations with the tools they need to embrace change and own their success.”

“I’m passionate about shaping the future of work, one strategic move at a time.”

“I get excited when I can help my clients diagnose the current state of their talent function and co-create a roadmap for improvement.”

 “I really enjoy solving client challenges and giving them the tools to tackle future dilemmas through new concepts and creative approaches.”

“I take pride in helping my clients streamline their business processes and I’m passionate about data integrity and successful systems implementations.”

“I am most proud of guiding clients to better understand various aspects of compensation so they can continue to be competitive and promote pay equity for their people for years to come.”

“I take pride in knowing that the utilization of my project management and organizational skills are instrumental in helping our customers deploy optimal compensation solutions that create rewarding career experiences for their employees.”

“Nothing is better than when a project comes together and helps our clients succeed.”

 “I’m passionate about turning projects into possibilities.”

“I enjoy helping individuals, leaders, teams and organizations find the clarity and support they require to thrive.”


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