How We Give Back


  • Event Details: In collaboration with Everytree, Compteam hosts annual tree planting events focused on restoring vital ecosystems.
  • Impact Statistics: Through these efforts, we have planted over 1,000 trees, offsetting 900 tons of CO2 and creating 125 working hours. For more information, visit our campaign page:¬†Everytree Forest Campaign.
  • Current Initiatives: Compteam has implemented digital operations to reduce paper usage by 40% and promotes remote work to decrease commuting emissions.
  • Future Goals: We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by 30% by 2025 and achieve zero waste by 2030.

Botanical Gardens

CompTeam supports the botanic garden industry by offering exclusive discounts on their consulting services to member organizations. This allows botanic gardens to attract top talent, retain their best contributors, and motivate their workforce more effectively. Understanding the unique challenges faced by nonprofits, CompTeam provides significant discounts below market prices, ensuring that these vital institutions can thrive. By helping them develop tailored compensation strategies and effective reward systems, CompTeam aids botanic gardens in fulfilling their mission of sustaining the planet’s biodiversity. This collaboration ensures that botanic gardens can focus on their essential environmental work while maintaining a dedicated and passionate team.

Victorian style sunny botanical garden design

De Plumes et D’ecailles¬†

De Plumes et D’ecailles is a French nonprofit organization providing creative and nature-based experiences. They offer a range of workshops in visual arts and outdoor activities aimed at fostering creativity and a connection with nature. Their mission is to enrich lives through artistic expression and environmental education. They also provide graphic design services for promotional materials, leveraging our expertise to help other organizations communicate their messages effectively. Through their efforts, they strive to impact both individuals and the community positively.

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