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By focusing on the unique strengths, talents, and passions each individual brings to the team, leaders create an environment where employees perform at their best. Special guest speakers join us weekly to spark discussion and share essential tips for making every workplace inspiring and rewarding.

People Strategy Forum
August 10th, 2022

Hosts: Char Miller, Sumit Singla and Sam Reeve + Guest Co-Host

Sam Reeve
PSF 1 | Talent Management
Char Miller
Sumit Singla

Join us every Wednesday at noon (Eastern) to hear top people experts discuss how to create workplaces where people thrive, employers reward and customers love.


Brad Jeffress

Dream Coach

Brad Jeffress is a retired Dream Coach at IMA Financial Group / Nations of Coaches Board Member. He specializes in internal one-on-one coaching of employees. Brad encourages employees to see their contribution, potential, and purpose in life.

Brad also provides employees with feedback, insights, and guidance from a third-party vantage point, intending to help them navigate toward a more engaged and compelling future at work and in their personal lives.

Rewards Mastermind
August 9th, 2022

Hosts: Howard Nizewitz + Special Guest Keynote Speaker

Howard Nizewitz
Howard Nizewitz

Join us monthly, every second Tuesday at noon (Eastern), to hear reward professionals discuss best-in-class strategies for attracting, retaining and inspiring the workforce.


Rebecca Baker, Charles Mangino, and Daniel Roche 

Why DEI/People Analytics Data Matters in Comp

Rebecca Baker is the VP of Client & Sales Enablement. Rebecca is responsible for Account Management, Client Support, and Sales Engineering functions for Compose. She also directly interfaces with our Product team to ensure that her deep knowledge of Compose and our clients is leveraged in our product roadmap and client engagements. Before joining Decusoft in 2013, Rebecca worked at Citigroup building and managing a global UAT Center of Excellence responsible for testing the Private Bank’s global proprietary client reporting systems.

Charles Mangino is the Head of People, Culture & DEIA. He is a dedicated HR professional with over 20 years of experience administering teams throughout the coordination, planning, optimization, and operation of all things People. A comprehensive instructor focused on employing positive organizational culture while creating value around having people understand diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Charles’ time in the HR world has led him down a path of working with many different people allowing for new ideas and conversations.

Daniel Roche is a 20-year veteran of SaaS technology, specifically B2B webcasting. He is an experienced Vice President and Director of Marketing with a demonstrated history of working with Top 100 clients and SMB customers in Healthcare, Tech, Finance, Publishing, Consulting, and Consumer Goods. His skill set is a product of living through every company stage from start-up through acquisition and back again.

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