By focusing on the unique strengths, talents, and passions each individual brings to the team, leaders create an environment where employees perform at their best. Special guest speakers join us weekly to spark discussion and share essential tips for making every workplace inspiring and rewarding.

People Strategy Forum
April 3rd, 2024

Hosts: Char Miller, Sumit Singla and Sam Reeve + Guest Co-Host

Sam Reeve
PSF 1 | Talent Management
Char Miller
Sumit Singla

Join us every Wednesday at noon (Eastern) to hear top people experts discuss how to create workplaces where people thrive, employers reward and customers love.


Kalyn Romaine

Job Architecture As Your Mjolnir (A Retention Strategy)

Kalyn Romaine is a dynamic blend of organizational psychologist, connector, and philanthropist, dedicated to transforming companies, careers, and communities. Born in Detroit and now residing in the metro Atlanta area, Kalyn’s journey as a multipotentialite and serial entrepreneur has flourished in major cities across the U.S., including NYC, Chicago, and LA. Her transformative impact has been felt in leading organizations like Amazon, The Walt Disney Company, Verizon, and Zapier, where she has leveraged her expertise to foster growth and innovation.

Kalyn excels in a variety of areas, including Organizational Design, Culture Change, Human Resources, Organizational Development, Diversity & Inclusion, Motivational Speaking, Executive and Leadership Coaching, Strategic Planning, Content Design & Development, and Facilitation. Her approach is characterized by a deep commitment to sharing her talents and igniting passion in others to achieve their fullest potential.

Rewards Mastermind
April 9th, 2024

Hosts: Howard Nizewitz + Special Guest Keynote Speaker

Howard Nizewitz
Howard Nizewitz

Join us monthly, every second Tuesday at noon (Eastern), to hear reward professionals discuss best-in-class strategies for attracting, retaining and inspiring the workforce.


Dave Needham

The OHOS Way of Employee Engagement

Dave Needham is dedicated to transforming the workplace into a space where creativity, trust, and respect flourish. With a focus on developing supportive people systems, processes, and leadership, Dave champions environments that embrace difficult dialogues, value respectful challenges as avenues for innovation, and recognize trust and respect as mutual endeavors. His belief in the power of autonomy and creativity to drive new ideas, greater impact, and increased revenue is at the core of his approach to organizational development.

Dave is passionate about making every person and company reach their fullest potential, reflecting his life’s mission to foster awesomeness everywhere. His expertise spans leadership development, succession planning, diversity and inclusivity, and creating cultures grounded in feedback and growth mindset. Dave excels in enhancing employee experiences from onboarding to engagement, improving organizational performance, and integrating innovative solutions like AI tools into HR practices. Not just confined to the corporate world, Dave’s interests include amateur photography and outdoor adventures, even if it means the occasional fall from his mountain bike. He is committed to building better workplaces through strategic leadership selection, insightful data, constructive feedback, and robust systems that support outstanding performance.

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