By focusing on the unique strengths, talents, and passions each individual brings to the team, leaders create an environment where employees perform at their best. Special guest speakers join us weekly to spark discussion and share essential tips for making every workplace inspiring and rewarding.

People Strategy Forum
July 3rd, 2024

Hosts: Char Miller, Sumit Singla and Sam Reeve + Guest Co-Host

Sam Reeve
PSF 1 | Talent Management
Char Miller
Sumit Singla

Join us every Wednesday at noon (Eastern) to hear top people experts discuss how to create workplaces where people thrive, employers reward and customers love.


Eriksen Dickens

Legacy Documentaries: 7 Pillars of Storytelling

Eriksen Dickens is a passionate documentary filmmaker dedicated to telling impactful stories. After co-founding a media agency and collaborating with hundreds of businesses, Eriksen became deeply interested in the narratives of founders, their passions, and the legacies they aimed to leave behind. In 2020, his agency partnered with a family office to create a documentary about their father’s legacy, a project that not only resulted in a perfect film but also forged a lasting bond with the family.

Eriksen specializes in what he calls “Legacy Documentaries.” These films delve into the journeys of individuals and businesses with noteworthy stories, preserving their legacies for future generations by exploring their life trajectories in depth. His storytelling formula focuses on seven core pillars: History/Background, Passion/Motivation, Process/Strategy, Obstacles/Adversity, Successes/Milestones, Impact/Affect, and Future Goals.

Eriksen’s Legacy Documentaries serve a diverse clientele, including entrepreneurs, business owners, inventors, athletes, coaches, and teachers. These documentaries are invaluable as they preserve legacies, provide a voice beyond the grave, and can be leveraged for marketing, sales, and operational initiatives. They also strengthen client relationships, attract new clients, boost employee morale, and enhance employee retention.

Eriksen firmly believes that storytelling is the most powerful tool in the world, capable of engaging, educating, and retaining knowledge. It is the oldest and most fundamental form of collective communication. Eriksen is always eager to connect with new people.

Rewards Mastermind
June 12th, 2024

Hosts: Howard Nizewitz + Special Guest Keynote Speaker

Howard Nizewitz
Howard Nizewitz

Join us monthly, every second Tuesday at noon (Eastern), to hear reward professionals discuss best-in-class strategies for attracting, retaining and inspiring the workforce.


Linda Ginac 

Supporting the Dreams of the Doers

Linda Ginac is an accomplished entrepreneur, speaker, and the CEO of TalentGuard, a leading workforce intelligence software company based in Austin, Texas. With decades of experience in the career development and talent management industry, Linda is deeply passionate about helping organizations and individuals reach their full potential through innovative technology solutions.

Under Linda’s leadership, TalentGuard has developed state-of-the-art software tools that address various aspects of talent management, including career pathing, career coaching, skills development, performance management, and succession planning. These solutions are designed to help organizations effectively manage and nurture their talent, aligning employees’ career aspirations with company objectives.

Linda is a recognized thought leader in the talent management arena, having shared her insights at numerous industry conferences and contributed to advancing best practices in the field. Her career is a blend of corporate experience and entrepreneurial ventures, marked by a deep understanding of employee engagement, talent development, and the transformative role of technology in human resources.

In addition to her role at TalentGuard, Linda serves as an advisory board member at, where she helps shape industry trends and promote best practices through primary research. Her overarching goal is to empower organizations and individuals by effectively managing workforce skills and fostering an environment where everyone can achieve their utmost potential.

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