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What is CompTeam?

People are at the heart of successful organizations. Each and every team member needs to feel fulfilled and satisfied in order to contribute their full talents and be productive. Your team members’ well-being and career development is essential. Aligning business, professional and personal objectives is a must.

We are compensation and talent management experts who help organizations and individuals unlock their full potential and create high value for their customers. Let CompTeam help you attract the best employees, retain your key talent, increase performance, and benefit from more effective processes.

Retain your Key Talent
We have helped companies save over $10 million in hiring, onboarding, development, and lost productivity costs.

Attract the Best Employees
It takes an average of 42 days and $4,000 to hire the right person. This is quite an investment. We help your recruiters and managers identify the unique skills that keep your workforce happy and performing.

Increase Performance
The right mix of monetary and recognition programs has increased workforce productivity, focus and satisfaction for our clients. Our clients have benefited from a 330% increase in performance as a result of a new sales plan implementation.

More Effective Processes
Many of our clients have saved over 3% on their pay budgets by implementing a compensation strategy and improving their pay structures.

Happier Employees
Your workforce deserves to be happy and your productivity can increase as much as 20% as a result.



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Learn how we implement pay and talent strategies that captivate the best candidates, retains top talent, and motivates employees.

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“This is a team that knows compensation inside and out. They are strong in helping you build a comprehensive compensation philosophy that aligns with your business needs.”


We help top executives, senior professionals, and talent managers implement practical and effective strategies to improve the workforce experience. CompTeam’s specialized focus is innovative and integrated talent management tools, including employee recognition, compensation, and development, as well as strategies for building a healthy workplace culture and improving the workforce experience.

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