Gabriela Castellanos IbarraCompensation & Benefits Manager

    Gabriela Castellanos Ibarra is a seasoned professional with a passion for continuous learning and a keen eye for analyzing data to drive strategic decisions. With a strong background in human resources and total rewards, she brings a wealth of experience in crafting compensation packages tailored to market trends and organizational needs.

    Gabriela has extensive experience in HR roles, specializing in compensation and benefits management. She has a proven track record of managing job evaluations, developing salary structures, and overseeing annual compensation processes. Her expertise extends to analyzing internal and external market data to ensure competitiveness and fairness in compensation practices.

    In addition to her technical skills, Gabriela puts value onĀ building strong relationships with stakeholders and effectively communicating complex concepts. She is committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of her work and is dedicated to continuous growth and development.

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