Danica WilliamsProgram and Project Manager

As an experienced Program and Project Manager, Danica has over 15 years
experience leading high-visibility projects across multiple industries. She holds a
Master’s Certificate in Project Management from Stevens Institute of Technology;
and has successfully led projects from inception to implementation, including
Health Care I.T., Employee Relations, Compensation, and Executive Coaching

Additionally, Danica has a background in Business and Leadership Advising. She
headed a U.S. Small Business Administration program that was an incubator for
women and minority-owned businesses, where she was recognized for her
leadership and innovative contributions. During her time there, she launched a
statewide project in support of the White House Council on Women and Girls

Danica holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Arts in
Professional Counseling and is pursuing a
Doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

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